A home remodel concept design is stage one of any home addition or home remodel project you’re looking at undertaking. Consider our package as it will save you over $1,000!’

‘From a Home remodel Concept Design…’

Architect looking at a House on blueprints with a choice of windows and doors

‘To a luxury custom built home addition…’

Remodel your home to accommodate a growing family?


  • First and Second consultation with an award winning home remodel
    professional. Valued at $330
  • 1 Hour liaise with home remodel design specialist. Valued at $440
  • Home Remodel concept drawing tailored to your requirements. Valued at $970
  • Liaise over concept drawings with private building certifier to prepare for building and amend plans where necessary. Valued at $150
  • Security assessment. (Keep your family safe during and after your home remodel.)
  • Structural assessment on existing dwelling.
  • Fixed price proposal tailored to your concept and specifications.
  • Your own personalized online client portal accessible from our website with all details of your project. Valued at $80

Total value of home remodel concept design pack purchased individually = $1,970. This is not a locked in contract but a one time offer that will save your over $1,000!!


“ It was wonderful to find a honest, talented and ” Fair ” contractor. We found him extremely experienced in concrete work, room addition design and even landscaping/Decking. We are going to remodel our kitchen next and Ron will do that also. We have found a wonderful talented contractor and friend indeed. BTW we are planning a new patio later next year with water falls and E-lighting, no one but Ron and Trust Company will work on all our updates to our new home. ”

Eric B.
Murrieta, CA.
Project: Install a New Concrete Foundation.