Renovating the kitchen means you won’t be able to use the area for quite some time. However, it doesn’t mean you have to do take out or eat out every night. Here are some ways to prepare for a kitchen remodel.

5 Tips on Preparing Your Home for Kitchen Renovation

1. Set Up a Temporary Kitchen – Consider setting up a temporary kitchen in your garage, basement or any place in the house with a sink. Don’t get rid of your old cabinets just yet. You can use them as a work surface or a place for appliances. Track the progress of your kitchen remodeling project by setting up a bulletin board.

2. Smart Storage – Store commonly used kitchen tools together and in labeled plastic containers. This way, you can easily find things that you need. Keep away items that you use only occasionally in a storage box. Remove all valuable and breakable items from the kitchen, and place them in your basement.

3. Meal Planning – This works if you have access to a freezer during the kitchen renovation. Make big meals in advance, and freeze them in single servings. You can defrost the meals and heat them in the microwave when it’s time to eat.

4. Grilling – You can cook outside if your kitchen is being renovated in warmer weather. Clean the bottom and sides of your pot if they get black soot from the grill.

5. Coupons – Clip restaurant and take-out coupons before the renovation begins. Create a budget for eating out so you have more funds for the remodeling.

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