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At Trust Company, with our design pack every client should experience their remodel before they purchase. Creating the design of your new kitchen, bathroom, or living space doesn’t have to be a strenuous task. But when it is our team can undo that situation with our award winning designers and software. Planning ahead with 3D renderings not only alleviates the stress of the project, but also gives all parties involved a very realistic budget and expectations.

So how do these 3-D renderings help?

If you have inspirational photos or ideas with colors, products and finishes we then take those and produce real life images and videos with your different options. The communication between all of our team members gets much easier. Our suppliers and professionals have a vision before the project even starts. This ensures that the project will run smooth, without any conflict and especially avoid added expenses that could otherwise occur.

Trust Company Design Process


  • Meet at your home and listen to your ideas
  • Look at your inspiration photos
  • Determine how we can help meet your goals
  • Gather measurements and other details of the space


  • Create 3D design plans from your ideas and our expertise
  • Present design options and revise into one working plan
  • Send concept drawings for your approval
  • Quote your project based upon the approved design


  • Receive all appliance and fixture specifications from you
  • Assemble concept into the plans for the project
  • Meet our construction team at your home
  • Finalize all documents for construction


Below are a few examples of the Design Pack at work;

3-D renderings are very useful for anyone involved in the project. Let’s take a look at some of the people that may be involved in your remodeling project.


Perform the foundation and groundwork of any design. Architects, ensure that the design fits within the style and flows throughout the home. while incorporating the changes and ensuring they meet building codes. Architects are also responsible for ensuring that additions or changes to the footprint of a home meets easements and setbacks according to the planning department of your city or county. 3D renderings also help the architect present the pros and cons of each element that is being proposed. 3-D renderings are much more informative as all parties can visualize what is good and bad versus just discussing and imagining designs using 2D drawings.

Interior designers

If the remodel calls for changes in the theme or decor of rooms, that is a job for an interior designer, who specializes in the look and feel of rooms. Interior designers can also collaborate and add to our 3-D renderings and take the client to the next level by enabling them to visualize the revamped space with furniture and decor. Adding furniture and decor enables communication and visualization within our team so that Plans can be adjusted by the architect if needed. The process moves around until everybody is 100% happy and on the same page. The final virtual tour is where the clients walk through their virtual space in real time for a final approval and budget.


Designers, architects, and interior designers have no trouble visualizing changes using typical plans, and/or vision boards. Most homeowners do not work in that environment daily so they don’t see the same thing quite so easily. The 3-D renderings and virtual tours helps the client or homeowner visualize the changes and makes it more tangible. Homeowners can see exactly what the room will look like at its finished and decorated stage. This is a huge stress relief and leaves out all of the unknowns and ensures that no one gets stuck with a remodel that they are not 100% happy with.

To wrap things up here are a few reasons why our Design Pack with 3-D rendering is useful for kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels and living space remodels.

  • 3-D renderings ensure that the final product is exactly what the homeowner or client wants.
  • 3-D renderings help the professionals involved present their ideas and designs that avoids confusion and conflict within the project.
  • 3-D renderings are digital and changes to them can be made fairly quickly and easily saving thousands of dollars of potential Building errors.
  • Digital 3-D renderings make sharing amongst all the involved parties a lot quicker and the communication is more affective as everything is being visualized.

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3-D render/services/home-remodeling/rings are very affordable and if you’ve never used them before you’ll be astonished at what our design professionals and software can produce.

Total value of home remodel concept design pack purchased individually = $1,970. This is not a locked in contract but a one time offer that will save your over $1,000!!

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