Bathroom Remodels

Total Bathroom Remodel

A total bathroom remodel is an excellent way to enhance your home’s function and overall value! Master bathrooms and secondary bathrooms are one of our most popular remodeled spaces. The possibilities are endless with bathroom remodels, whether you want to just update a jetted tub with a freestanding, open up a tub/shower combo into one large shower, or you’re looking to add more cabinet space and storage. We can help you create the bathroom of your dreams.  

The Bathroom Remodel Process


Initial meeting (planning phase and budget phase)

Approximately 50% of our bathroom remodels are using the same layout and updating the cabinets, countertops, plumbing, fixtures, flooring, and tiling. While the other 50% are custom bathrooms with the removal of walls, structural changes, and possibly stealing space from an adjacent room. The initial meeting is where our team of professionals and the client decide what the next step in the process is. Our team has been praised by clients at this phase of the process as our number one goal is to ensure that we provide a realistic and budget conscious way to move forward with the bathroom of their dreams. This educational process is invaluable to any client and we are excited to share our 25 years of remodeling experience in the combined 100 years of design and construction experience within our team. Our goal after the initial meeting is that the client will have a clear and concise idea of what their bathroom remodel investment will be, timeline of the project, and an understanding of what our capabilities are as a Remodel company, and how organized and professional our team of experts are. 


Design phase

Not all bathroom remodels require a custom design package prior to the contract phase. But every bathroom requires 3D renderings of every wall that will get remodeled. The sole purpose behind the 3-D renderings is that the client can get a clear visual of the remodel space, and everything that will be under construction will be outlined. Custom design packages include detailed floorplans, 3-D renderings, and sometimes architectural drawings that include documents that need to be provided to the city or county for permit approval. Our team accomplishes this by taking photos and measurements of your existing bathroom and draw the details of the rooms, including walls, flooring, cabinetry, countertops, windows, lighting, finishes, etc. Inspirational photos and notes that we have shared about together are also incorporated. All these documents together are extremely helpful as it brings to life the idea that you and your family have imagined. The documents also confirm whether what you had in mind either works or does not work in reality. Whatever the case may be our team of professionals are there to handle any situation and assist you with ideas and suggestions so that your dream kitchen can come true.


Contract Phase

The contract phase is a handful of documents that include; scope of work document (contract) lists all of the trades and the projects specifications. Timeline that includes milestones that trigger the payment schedule. Insurances, bonds, licenses and warranty information. The change order process. Total cost of labor and materials. The contract phase is very important, and our team of professionals will ensure that every detail is answered and nothing is overlooked.

When you choose Trust Company’s team of award-winning remodeling specialists, you get access to the latest design software to create a bathroom remodel your entire household will love. We make it our #1 priority to work as closely as possible with you; it is your project, therefore we believe you should be in control and know what’s going on at all times.

Material Budget (shopping list)

Your material budget is more like a shopping list. These are all the fun items that you get to pick out; such as appliances, tile, flooring, countertops, lighting etc. Your material budget shopping list allows us to price out these items and add them to the total cost of your material and labor for your project, giving you a total cost for your bathroom remodel. If the final number is not where you want it to be then we select items from the list and remove them or swap them out in order to control your overall budget.


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What type of bathroom remodel are you envisioning? Are you looking to redo an outdated bathroom entirely, or are you merely looking to make some cosmetic changes? It’s our goal to turn whatever vision you have for your bathroom into a reality!

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