Square Foot Rates for Home Remodels

Whats your square foot rate? Here’s a critical tip you need to understand prior to home remodeling.It’s a question we are asked all the time. The answer to this question is, there’s no such thing. If you sign a contract with a general contractor that gives you a square foot rate for your home remodel then expect to pay a lot more.

Let me explain why, there’s not a huge difference between the profit margin from builder to builder so why are the prices so different? Inclusions! Here’s an example, the Housing Industry Association’s latest report showed the average kitchen cost for 2015-2016 is $22,500.00. In all building contracts the kitchen is an allowance only so if your builder has allowed $8,000.00 then your very likely to pay more for the kitchen you want. This is the same for these allowances tile, basin taps, bath taps, vanities, basins, shower taps, shower heads etc. Check your allowances because these are tricks builder use to sign home improvement contracts. Ask a few questions prior to signing a home improvement contract with the lowest price. In most cases, they are the most dishonest and you will end up paying more.